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Gs technical services have a Gas Division. This division ensure that the best services should be provided to our customers with the most reliable work and lowest possible cost. Especially, gases used in factories and many other places are hazardous. This is called Natural gas. This is used for cooking and heating purposes in commercial and residential sectors.

Gas division in our website is for Home Gas cylinders installation

Types of GAS

Therefore are four types of natural gases, which includes: methane, butane, propane, and ethane. Following are the properties of these gases.



Methane is powerful and colorless. Furthermore, it is the fourth bi form of carbon dioxide. However, this is part of natural gases.

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This is based on A single bond made up of a hydrogen atom and a carbon atom. In addition, it also includes many other gases. It is also part of natural gases.

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Butane can easily be converts into a liquid gas. In either case, it is a colourless gas that easily mixes with methane and alkenes.

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Propane contains three elements of Alkenes to come into existence. In fact, this gas is mostly use in cylinders. This is also a part of natural gases.

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Natural gases are use in very vast areas for commercial and residential purposes. which are as follows;

  • Transportation: Cars, buses and in old times even trains were dependent on this as a form of fuel.
  • Homes use this as a source to light up fire for cooking and heating purpose.
  • light fires to light large burners of mills in factories it is use
  • Factories: factories use it for boiling and other purposes
  • air conditioners have filling of it to provide the best cooling
  • Electricity, etc..

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