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However, you will always face issues like breakdowns in your home electrical fixtures. Such as you will face fusing light issues, paint pealing, or need some civil works such as need wall works and pathway repair.

Above all for any repair works or installation in your home, you will need specialist, expert persons.

Who actually knows how to do repair and installation? If a person who never knows these works can spoil all things like mess up. For sure, you will need an expert person to avoid things getting broken.

The perfectionist of Home maintenance in Dubai will take care of your home like their own

We are no1 because people know us by our capability and perfection in work. Therefore you can trust us for any JOBs on us in Dubai. We deal with Electrical, Plumbing, Civil & mechanical repairs. Let’s have a look at what these above services we deal with. Especially with our expertise, you will have a complete idea of what you need.

First, we are going to describe our services by name and by distribution.

  1. Home Renovation works
  2. Handyman Services
  3. Carpentry Services
  4. Painting Services
  5. Plumbing Services
  6. Electrical Services
  7. Air Condition Services

So we know that you may need some of the above services in near future. We deal with all the above services and send professional staff who know work expertly. Let’s define these services one by one for you.

Home Renovation works

They work for every part of your home renovation.

For example, making new walls, repairing your living spaces paints, installation of new plumbing fixtures, making new pathways, etc.

Handyman Services

Obviously, we always need someone to help us in repairing the taps, the showers, the leaks, or install small things at your home. So, in such needs, you will always need a hand help.

Carpentry Services

Door repair or if you need a new wooden repair & installation then a carpenter is necessary.

This means a specialized person who knows how to correctly install the wooden door. If ever you need a partition-making service or installation of cupboards in your home office kitchen.

Then a carpenter is a person who will help you install it. We are the no1 carpentry and home maintenance company in Dubai.

Painting Services

The pealing of paint may happen at any time in your living spaces. And especially if the paint gets too old then this must happen.

So in that case you can not leave the living space beauty at stake. You will need someone to do home maintenance such as repairing paint pealing, new paint, or wallpaper fixing.

Hence you have GS technical experts to do painting jobs at very reasonable prices. Take a talk time with us today.

Plumbing services

From tap repair to installing a new water hose or bathtub.

For irrigation system installation or anything which need proper dimension and installation skill, you will need plumbers.

From bottom to top every residential space has a bathroom or kitchen. Therefore these spaces are fixed with plumbing fixtures and they may need repair and maintenance services.

We are famous for our best services in Dubai for home maintenance. Call and talk to us for a perfect home repair and installation service today.

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Electrical Services

Short circuits or breakers may ever need someone to quickly fix. Because no one knows when the electrical breakdown occurs especially in the home.

However, you cannot handle such issues alone. Furthermore, you may need an expert to sort out the breakdown issue quickly.

Therefore for electrical repairs and installation calls our company GS technical today for a complete year Annual maintenance contract.

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Air Condition Services

In Dubai, it is always a need to keep Air conditions on in our living spaces. Therefore we install the newest ACs always. Or keep our ACs well in condition. You may need a team to keep it working perfectly. So in such needs you will need an especial Annual maintenance contract for Air condition. Talk to our company for perfect Air con maintenance today.

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