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Home Renovation

GS Technical Services llc provide professional handyman services all over Dubai. In fact We are specialize to renovate an old house to modernize house. Home improvement, new construction work, Building Maintenance as well as repairing of Homes,  Apartment and bungalows. Hence, if you want to make your home Appealing, then Call Us in addition to take our perfect home renovation services

Our handyman’s are fully trained and experience for house and apartment renovations. Moreover complete repairing work to conclude, color paint walls, bathrooms and kitchens and all related work. By all mean, we are best contractor to provide your comprehensive home renovation services in Dubai.

In fact, home renovation in Dubai is a popular trend among homeowners looking to update their living spaces or in general to increase the value of their property. Over all there are a variety of renovation options available. In a meantime, minor cosmetic updates to major structural changes.

Join the growing trend of home renovation in Dubai with GS Technical Services LLC. Contact us today to explore the countless possibilities of enhancing your home and making your living space truly your own.

Home repair and maintenance

Living in a quality standard is only possible however, if you maintain homes in good condition as well as for that you need Home repair and maintain work. Above all arranging labors and workers for that kind of work can become a very difficult task for you. by  all mean, at GS Technical Services llc are here for you to take your burden.

Therefore when planning a home renovation in Dubai, however it is important to work with a reputable contractor who is licensed and insured. As much as, you should also make sure to obtain all necessary permits and approvals before beginning any construction work.

In addition to traditional renovation options, many homeowners in Dubai are also turning to sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, such as solar panels and energy-efficient appliances. In fact, these types of updates can not only help to reduce energy costs, but also increase the overall value of the property.

Apartment renovation

Apartment or flat renovation always need in order to in the meantime maintain properly repairing work of apartment. When apartment owners looking for best renovation company for their flat renovation work. GS Technical Services llc have complete solution for their flat renovation in Dubai.

Overall, home renovation in Dubai can be a great way to update your living space and increase the value of your property. Under those circumstances, if you are looking to make minor cosmetic updates or undertake major structural changes, as well as there are a variety of options available to suit your needs and budget.

Above all Please note that the laws and regulations for old house renovation may change overall time as well as it’s recommend to check the update information from the official websites.

Home Renovation Services

Kitchen renovation

Kitchen is the happiness of your home & renovate as well as maintenance is your responsibility. However, GS Technical Services llc remodel your kitchen design with expert Carpenters. Likewise, Tile Fixers, Plumbers, Electricians and Painters. In fact, our kitchen remodeling service is available to renovate your kitchen within your budget. Furthermore, we make Italian kitchen designs and awesome kitchen cabinets which are made by expert kitchen carpenters in Dubai.

Home Remodeling cost is the main factor of all kinds of interior as well as, exterior home renovation services work. Above all, Dubai city has lots of renovation contractor working for flats. While offices and bungalow Maintenance work with multiple quality levels. Single story and double story furthermore home renovation services are available with complete ideas of modern flooring to conclude, wall decoration, room ceiling work, electrical, paint as well as polish work. However, bathroom and kitchen renovation of every home renovation work is a prime require service of any home renovation or villa renovation projects.


handyman service & plumbing for home renovation

Our handymen are skilled, as well as trained and professional. Furthermore, they are background-checked.

Electrician Services

Our Electrical services are skilled as well as train and professional. Furthermore, they have a certified academic background.

room painting services for home renovation

Our wall painters are skill, train as well as professional. Furthermore, they are background-checked.

Kitchen Repair services

Our plumber team are skill, train and professional. Furthermore, they produce quality of work.

Air conditioner repair & installation

Our AC Mechanic team is knowledgeable, experience, and dedicate. They are additional background checks.

Carpentry Service

Our carpentering service has quality work as well as, modern model designs. Their background belongs to designing models


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Unlimited MEP manpower hours
Unlimited Carpentry and Masonry jobs—limited to one hour per job
Annual maintenance: A/C x 4, Plumbing x 2, Electrical x 2
Spare parts included as per terms and conditions
60 to 90 mins guaranteed response for emergency calls
24 to 48 hours guaranteed response for non-emergency calls

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In fact, we provide the best services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By all mean, we have technical engineers with long experience. Our team is trained and skilled in professionalism. GS Technical offers you all services in a single phone call. We are providing consulting information according to our clients’ requirements without any cost. Our services are entirely focused on meeting current demands. We update our services on a regular basis for the benefit of our customers. 

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Jeniffer Smith GS technical service client
Jeniffer Smith

House wife

They are providing handyman services to me. I am continuing it from several years with great satisfaction. I highly recommend this service provider.

Pamela Duncan GS technical service client
Pamela Duncan


Best painters ! I asked them to re-paint my walls. They did the best design. they are best in providing design with their professional painters. Best services I had ever taken. Thumbs up

Steve Tailor GS technical service client
Steve Tailor


I hired Design and architecture Engineer I from GS Technical for home renovation. They give the creative designs . Best decision ever!