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Need Plumbing Service? Our skilled plumbers give the best service

Plumbing service is most important work that needs to be done in a building. Plumber is of great importance in buildings, just like the importance of heart in body. Every building big or small has sewerage and water systems which needs fixations. In addition to it other plumbing works like, water heater repair, leak detection, clogged drain, toilet installation, water lines repair, and many other works are done by plumbers. 

However, finding the best plumbers in Dubai is a challenging job. So, we the GS Technical services provider the best and most skilled plumbers for the best quality plumbing works like the functioning of water supply, clean out drain, sewage systems, grease trap cleaning, and many others. Plumbing fittings can be hazardous to health. In case of not treating carefully and properly a plumbing problem can cause major disruptions.

Kitchen Repair services

Solution To Your Plumbing Service Problems

Plumbing problems occurrence is are very common issue as using the existing fixtures may get old or you may need to upgrade to trendy designs. So, to solve your plumbing problems or if you are searching for plumbing near me service call us now. 

In harsh weather and busy life of Dubai it is very hard to take time out and go to shops to search a best plumbers in dubai. So, there is no need to go outside to search a plumber service. As we provide you all the services in just a call.

GS Technical  offers several services which includes:

  • Leak detection and repair: in this service we identify and repair leaks in pipes, faucets, and other fixtures.
  • Drain cleaning: in This service we offer  remove blockages and debris from blocked drain and sewers.
  • Water heater repair and replacement: This service helps in repairing or replacing faulty water heaters.
  • Toilet repair and replacement: In this service, we repair or replace faulty toilets.
  • Faucet repair and replacement: In this service, we offer repair or replace faulty faucets.
  • Water filter installation: In this service, we offer installation of water filters in order to purify the water supply.
  • Back flow prevention: In this service, we offer prevention of  the back flow in contaminated water into the clean water supply.
  • Emergency plumbing: This service is available 24/7 for urgent repairs and is often use for burst pipes and leaks.
  • Along with these we have much more to offer. Call Now and ask our representative for more information.

In conclusion we offer installation of new trendy fixtures, Sump pump, garbage disposal, water heater installation, sewer line repair, grease trap installation, drain cleaning, and whatever plumber work you ask for.

Sink Repairing and Installation

Sink is one of the most in use place of any building. So, the more usage results in toilet and kitchen skins damages which needs repairs. Therefore, to solve this issue we have the Best plumbers in Dubai to do it correctly.

Firstly, we work according to the issues or circumstances or requirement according to the damages which occurred. Secondly, we also give you suggestion to prevent your draining through damages. Hence, once our plumbers repairs your sink you will not need any more repairs for long time.

Best plumber service
Sump Pump gs technical

Sump Pump Plumbing Services

Natural disaster is always a surprise! So, no one is aware of heavy water difficulties which may occur because of flood or heavy rain. Therefore, to deal with it a facility of sump pump is needed.

Our slump pump installers are proficient in installing the pumps. So that removing all the water which comes due to rain will be easiest job ever.

Services We are Offering

handyman service & plumbing for home renovation

Our handymen are skilled, as well as trained and professional. Furthermore, they are background-checked.

Electrician Services

Our Electrical services are skilled as well as train and professional. Furthermore, they have a certified academic background.

room painting services for home renovation

Our wall painters are skill, train as well as professional. Furthermore, they are background-checked.

Kitchen Repair services

Our plumber team are skill, train and professional. Furthermore, they produce quality of work.

Air conditioner repair & installation

Our AC Mechanic team is knowledgeable, experience, and dedicate. They are additional background checks.

Carpentry Service

Our carpentering service has quality work as well as, modern model designs. Their background belongs to designing models

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Unlimited MEP manpower hours
Unlimited Carpentry and Masonry jobs—limited to one hour per job
Annual maintenance: A/C x 4, Plumbing x 2, Electrical x 2
Spare parts included as per terms and conditions
60 to 90 mins guaranteed response for emergency calls
24 to 48 hours guaranteed response for non-emergency calls

What Clients Say About Us

Jeniffer Smith GS technical service client
Jeniffer Smith

House wife

They are providing handyman services to me. I am continuing it from several years with great satisfaction. I highly recommend this service provider.

Pamela Duncan GS technical service client
Pamela Duncan


Best painters ! I asked them to re-paint my walls. They did the best design. they are best in providing design with their professional painters. Best services I had ever taken. Thumbs up

Steve Tailor GS technical service client
Steve Tailor


I hired Design and architecture Engineer I from GS Technical for home renovation. They give the creative designs . Best decision ever!